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weary traveller Michael Cook: The Visionary Mould; An essay by John Rattigan
I first came into contact with Michael Cook's art at the Melbourne Arts Festival in 2009. Returning to my car a little jaded having visited most of the artists exhibiting there, I decided to have a look at the local church, thinking that it wasn't a festival venue. I say jaded because I had begun to despair at a lot of the work I'd seen. As with similar events around the UK there can often be a good deal of unimaginative work on show, a fair amount of inauthentic art or at worst pure kitsch. Within the church, either resting in window spaces or on easels around the altar were Cook's Twelve Mysteries series based on his interpretations of nameless, marginal and fleeting characters from the four gospels. Here at last, just when my spirits were flagging was the real thing... read more
Red Robin A Hand Like a Nest; an article for CreatureKind
This is the place where I grew up. It was a large house with a large barn and a number of outbuildings. It was once a farm, and my family had been (until a few years before my birth) market gardeners. My home was surrounded by fields, orchards, the garden merging with the fields; there was hardly a distinction between cabbage and rose, rockery and furrow. There were no longer any animals (other than cats and dogs), but there were stables, a cow shed and a pigsty, brick and stone housing musty air and memories of animals, buildings with names so prosaic that they become poetry, trap place, rhubarb house, onion chamber... read more
Running Man An interview for The Rockpool Bible Project
For the first entry in our series of contributor profiles we contacted Michael Cook, one of the early adopters of the Rockpool project website and painter of such works as "Parable", "Jacob Wrestling the Angel" and the stunning "Gethsemane" .
RP: So Michael, how did you hear about the Rockpool Bible Project?
I heard about it through Art and Christian Enquiry newsletter that I get and it seemed like an interesting idea.
RP: What was it about the project that encouraged you to get involved?
I like the idea of building up a sort of online illumination of the Bible, composed of new work in various media from many different sources... read more