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Giles the FoolFox ouroborosBadger at DuskA Safe PlaceFox at DawnOur Lady's HenLeaping the ThornsBetween ShowersPortentNightjar, Night Sky
Fauna leaping, prowling, hiding
Jacob Wrestling the AngelGethsemaneHand Like a NestThe Space Where He Will LieFoundExpulsion from the GardenEmpty NestOvernightHolly CrownA Minor Gethsemane
Figures struggling, resting, wondering
Flora gallery linkSeedlingOrchard ChambersHoly WellHelichrysumGreen ChamberEnclosureTree StumpsTrees Birds StarsFern Community
Flora growing, dying, rising
Soul CaveBuck's OrchardFoolish WingsFound Beneath a TreeCurving Road, Two GatesFool LostTouch WoodGrounded AngelThresholdOrchard Gateway
Journeys wandering, searching, dreaming
Wounded AngelParableFlownGolden EdgesFool WishingHarvestScarecrow EveningFalling StarLost BookA Still Moment
Mysteries puzzling, challenging, inspiring

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